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The General Terms of Agreement  of http://cn.investor-partner.com/:

The General Terms of Agreement (hereafter: Terms of Agreement) contains all the conditions between the International Investor-Partner Ltd, 3rd Fl., Jonsin Place, 228, Queen’s Road East Wanchai, Hong Kong hereafter: Provider and it’s subsidieries and affiliates (like:
http://cn.investor-partner.com/) and You (hereafter: Client) for the services provided.  

I.  General Provisions

1.    By the regulation of the Terms of Agreement all legally capable users over age of 18 years or any business organization will be labeled as CLIENT, if
       any of those are:
       -      registering on
http://cn.investor-partner.com/ or any other partner sites
       -      uploading advertisement on the
http://cn.investor-partner.com/ website or any other partner sites  
       -      or gives proposal for any other client’s advertisement on the
http://cn.investor-partner.com/ website or any other partner sites.

2.    The Client agrees and obligates him/herself to the Terms of Agreement and to the attached Personal Data-Protection Agreement! Every Client has to give real data about her/him/itself. If the management of Investorpartner Ltd. recognizes false data about a Client, it keeps the right to warn or ban the Client from the website.
3.    By using the Service provided an online Contract will start between the Client and the Provider.
4.    The provider may unilaterally modify the terms and conditions of the Terms of Agreement at any time. If any modification occurs                                          Investorpartner Ltd. will inform the Client with a short description via e-mail. By continuing using the Service, the Client agrees with the modifications of the Terms of Agreement. 

5.    During the registration, Provider will create a “User Account” for the Client To keep the client’s e-mail address and password as an

6.    The “User Account” can be accessed through the Provider account activation e-mail or with the Client’s e-mail address and password.
       All the rights and provisions in this General Terms of Agreement will be terminated by deleting this “User Account”.  

II.  Responsibilities of the Provider
1.    The Provider operates the
http://cn.investor-partner.com/ website as an intermediate service according to the Ekrv. The Provider
       takes responsibility only for its own offers and advertisements made on the
http://cn.investor-partner.com/ website. Therefore the Provider is
       not responsible for the quality, security of the advertised products and offers by the Client. The Provider is also not responsible for
       the transactions between Clients.

2.    The Provider cannot and will not take part of any lawsuit or transaction between the Clients. The Client shall exempt the Provider of
       any Claim or Compensation!

3.    The Provider has the right but not obligated to verify the Content of the advertisement on the
http://cn.investor-partner.com/ website or any other partner site. The Client if necessary
      shall archive the content of the advertisement on the
http://cn.investor-partner.com/ website.

4.    The Client is fully responsible for the advertised product or service, including the handling of the merchandise.

5.    Any unlawful content (for example: third party people personal data, unauthorized  uses of copyrighted material – especially pictures) or
       any criminal act cannot be uploaded on the
http://cn.investor-partner.com/ website.

6.    When a third party / person, authority or court process a claim against the advertisement on the
http://cn.investor-partner.com/ website the
       Client shall be responsible to pay for any damages, losses and claims. The Client shall also protect and hold the Provider harmless
       against any third party person including authorities and courts. The Client shall protect the good reputation of the Provider against any offense
       or abuse.

7.    If the Clients advertisement on the
http://cn.investor-partner.com/ is unlawful, the Provider shall remove it.   

Prohibited/unlawful advertisements and restrictions.

1.    The uploaded advertisement cannot have any unlawful contents or is in conflict with the rules of good behaviour and ethics. It is specifically prohibited to advertise any product or service which distribution is
       illegal. Such products/services are the followings:

       - hazardous chemicals, especially flammable and exploding materials;  
       - medicine or any kind of drugs;  
       - alcohol (exception: if it is quality, custom or collector’s item);  
       - stolen or illegal marketed products;  
       - fake or tempered products (for example: kind of “branded product” misleading the buyers about the origin, quality, quantity, usability,
         performance, repairs and maintenance. Withholding these informations (origin, quantity, quality, usability, performance, repair and
         maintenance) are also  prohibited!;  
       - products that help creating false brand and/or origin; 
       - any product which would create legal problem of any kind to a third person (patent, brand or copyright etc.);  
       - copying or faking copyrighted material or any other service, tool or software that helps breaking copyright law;  
       - human body parts or tissues;  
       - restricted weapons or firearms, ammunitions, explosives, pyrotechnic materials and their spare parts as well as public safety risks or any other unrestricted weapons (switch-blade, brass knuckles, night- stick, expandable baton, electric shocker, shuriken or pepper sprays containing more than 20g, etc.);  
       - securities or any other financial tools which can be used for investing;  
       - credit card, bankcard or check;                        
       - blank guaranty form, identification card, certificate, validation labels;   
       - any product or text which might incite hatred, racism, apartheid, ethnic or national conflict.
       - any product or text which would offend or defame one or more person or nationality;                      
       - software containing virus, and any kind of malware;               
       - activation code, CD – key, software registration, registration number;         
       - Television or radio subscription decoder card and  illegal decoder tools; 
       - websites, FTP servers and instructions of reaching any information to create dangerous and illegal materials; 
       - usernames and passwords of online services; 
       - lists containing personal data with e-mail addresses and invitations to social networking sites (Facebook, IWIW, Gmail, Twitter etc.) 
       - anything related to the betting and gambling; 
       - sexual services;

2.    It is also prohibited to advertise anything which would be against the providers (or the owners of the provider)  reputation, business
       interest and in particular with their products and services.

3.    Also prohibited:

       - the use of any application or method, which modifies the
http://cn.investor-partner.com/ website. 
       - to use of any method, which would interrupt the
http://cn.investor-partner.com/ website IT service (i.e. hardware or software). 
       - the use of anything not according to this General Terms of Agreement.           
       - to advertise any non-specific product or service.     
       - using e-mail address, phone number, mailing address or website as part of the description or a part of the advertisement – contact information should be provided in the appropriate fields.
       - any activity that violates a third party’s or the Provider’s rights.

The Provider has the right to refuse the service if it contains anything of the above mentioned list of Prohibited/Unlawful Advertisements and Restrictions or delete the uploaded advertisement without any further notice.

       - The Client shall use the service always according to all Laws and acknowle this General Terms of Agreement. If any terms of
         this Agreement is being violated by the Client, the Provider is authorized to take every steps between the frames of the law to
         vindicate all sanctions.

       - The Provider can verify the Client’s advertisement on
http://cn.investor-partner.com/ website after uploading it on the website. If any content
         was uploaded to the wrong category or contains harmful data the Providers will move it to the correct category or delete it.

IV. Payment Terms and Conditions

Particular services provided by
http://cn.investor-partner.com/ (posting adverts) are subject to a payment based upon the fee described below. The Client shall pay for the services only via methods described on our website (PayPal or transfer to our bank account). The Provider will activate Your advertisement in 48 hours after the payment has been received and will send You an electronic invoice if You have requested it before. 

V. Contact          
The investigatorpartner.uk receives complaints mainly through our online interface. Our Customer Service will answer via e-mail to the address provided by the Client. If You would have further and detailed questions You can request a call-back. The Provider will investigate all the complaints and will answer in the lawful time limit of the rules and regulations.  

VI. Identity Theft Protection         
Protecting the personal data of our Clients is a priority to us. We will use every necessary measure to ensure that without your authorization your personal data will not reach any other 3rd party. However investor-partner.us cannot be held responsible for events it has no influence over (for example but not limited to natural disasters, power shortage and  worker strikes).

VII. Governing Law, Supervisor Organizations
These Agreements shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Hongkong You irrevocably agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Hongkong for settlement of any disputes or matters arising out of or concerning these Agreements or their enforceability. If any part of these Agreements is found to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect it will not affect the validity of the remainder of the Agreements, which shall remain valid and enforceable according to their terms.

VIII. Copyright-law Provisions            
The investorpartner.in is a copyrighted product belonging to the International Invetor Partner Ltd, All the content of the
http://cn.investor-partner.com/ website are protected  by the Law! The content of the http://cn.investor-partner.com/ with the copy- right protected database solely can be used with a written   permission of the Provider.            

International Investor-Partner Ltd.  


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